Cleaning your home after a cold or flu

Flu and cold seasons come so fast and without warning so any of us can get sick. When ill, staying at home and getting better is No. 1 priority. But, when we get better we should take care of our home that has been exposed to our viruses and bacteria for days.

What we recommend is to wash your hands even more often when you are ill. Use soap, wash thoroughly and dry them well on air or with a clean towel.

Clean all surfaces you used – dining table, kitchen, chairs, sofas – don’t forget door handles and light switches.

Bathroom is one of the most used rooms and has many bacteria even without you being ill. Don’t forget to clean it trough and trough. After everyone is feeling better wash bathroom towels and carpets on a high temperature. Clean the toilet, water tank, toilet seat and all faucets, handles, switches,…

Change your sheets in your bedroom, clean remote controls, night stands, books, stuffed animals and all items next to your bed. The same applies for kids room.

If you are done with all of that open the windows and get the fresh air inside.

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