Office Cleaning Zagreb

Čišćenje poslovnih prostora i ureda Zagreb

Our cleaning experts are available in wider Zagreb region. We can provide you with personalized cleaning services for your offices and commercial spaces, according to your needs. Our goal is to ensure the satisfaction of everyone in your business, from your employees to your clients.

Our standard cleaning services include:

  • floor washing and polishing
  • carpet and drapes cleaning
  • staircase and hallway cleaning
  • furniture cleaning
  • cleaning of upholstered furniture
  • cleaning of glass surfaces (windows)

Additionally, you can order our new service of dry steam cleaning.

Čišćenje suhom parom - dry steam cleaning

Dry steam is our new service with many advantages over classic cleaning surfaces. Dry steam can be used to clean floor (tiles, laminate, parquet, stone, marble), terraces, furniture, carpets, glass surfaces and more. The steam enables us to clean toilets, bathrooms, kitchens and common areas in your business quickly and efficiently. The dry steam is created by heating water to about 200°C and at a pressure of 10 bar. Steam at this temperature and pressure dissolves stains, disinfects any surface it comes in contact with and binds dust particles and allergens to itself, leaving the surface clean, bacteria and allergen free. It also doesn’t require any cleaning solutions and chemicals, which makes it eco friendly. You can find more details on our Dry Steam Cleaning page.

Our cleaning services are for offices, business and commercial spaces, industrial buildings, cafes, restaurants, medical offices, hospitals,… We have all the necessary equipment and we keep improving our cleaning methods and technologies in order to be the best cleaning service in Croatia.

Business and office cleaning can be on regular or periodical bases, or per call. Also, we can provide you with cleaning services after construction or adaptation.

Our prices include all cleaning supplies needed to get the job done.

We can also supply your business and office with expendable materials like liquid soap, toilet paper, paper towels, air fresheners and more.

Give us a call to get your business clean and fresh again!