Disinfection of viruses and bacteria

dezinfekcija, čišćenje od virusa, čišćenje od bakterija

For all interested we offer special cleaning services with special antiviral and antibacterial removal – APESIN.
APESIN products are specialized in removing any bacteria and viruses from your office, commmercial spaces or from your home. Cleaning product contains alcohol and insures almost immediete disinfection. It works against bacteria and viruses and it’s been tested and certified according to the DGHM/VAH guidelines and it’s in accordace with EN1040, EN12054, EN1499, EN1500 and EN12791 norms.

Apesin products are commonly used for cleaning and hand disinfection before operational procedures and in food industry, pharmacy, and others where high level of sanitiation is required.

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We can combine cleaning with Apesin products together with our dry steam cleaning and provide you with completely clean and sanitized space.