Ecological Dry Steam Cleaning

Čišćenje tepiha parom - antibakterijsko, antialergijsko

We discovered, tried and now we offer the service of dry steam cleaning. This is chemical-free cleaning after which cleaned surfaces will be dry, clean and disinfected.

Dry steam is under 8 bars of pressure and at 200°C temperature, without any moisture. It’s perfect for limescale removal, joints cleaning and cleaning of all those hidden and hard accessible places like behind the radiators. This type of cleaning is perfect for different kinds of materials – wood, textile, PVC, stainless steel and even stuffed toys.

It’s a perfect tool for oven cleaning. High steam temperature softens oils and fat bound to the oven’s surface and pressure rinses everything away – simply dry it after with a ordinary cloth.

This type of cleaning has many advantages – it doesn’t use any chemicals, it uses minimal quantities of water, it can clean hard accessible places, it disinfects, removes odors and limescale.

Chemicals can lead to severe allergic reactions and can be very bad for people suffering from asthma. Steam cleaning is the best option for anyone suffering from asthma or allergies.

How does steam cleaning work watch in this video: