Advantages of Dry Steam Cleaning

Čišćenje suhom parom - dry steam cleaning

What is dry steam?

Using steam isn’t new in cleaning. It’s been used in cleaning clothes for years, also for industrial cleaning and cleaning in public transport. Steam used for cleaning has less than 5% of water drops (hence dry steam) and it’s heated up to 200°C and under 10 bars of pressure.

Dry steam is good for cleaning all kinds of surfaces, appliances or elements. We can use it to clean floors, tiles, kitchen surfaces and appliances, bathrooms, patios, decks, furniture…

Uklanjanje tvrdokornih masnoća suhom parom
Removing the grease from oven grill

How does dry steaming work?

Dry steam is under 10 bars of pressure and at 200°C. Using it under that conditions is very useful. One liter of water can produce over 1200 liters of dry steam which can be used to clean a smaller apartment.

After it’s been heated and pressurized we can start cleaning. Depending on the surface we use different attachments and settings. For example, cleaning the wooden floors require less pressure than stone floor. One of the dry steam advantages it that treated surface is dried very quickly so, in most cases, it’s not needed to dry the floor after cleaning.

Čišćenje pećnice suhom parom
Cleaning the oven with dry steam

What are the advantages of cleaning with dry steam?

Čišćenje suhom parom - ekološko, antibakterijsko, antialergijskoDry steam enables us to clean efficiently and without any cleaning solutions and extra chemicals. All those cleaning chemicals, especially the ones used to remove grease, limescale and bacteria won’t be used in your home or office. Dry steam achieves all that just with it’s high pressure and temperature.

High pressure can break apart old and hardened stains, limescale and kitchen grease. When used on grease high temperature will help melt the grease and pressure will break it apart – all it’s left to do is to remove it with a paper towel or a cloth.

Dry steam is also antibacterial. High temperature will disinfect any surface it comes into contact with. Steam will clean and disinfect all those places in kitchen and bathroom that are hard to reach and not always possible to clean in usual way.

Besides removing bacteria, steam also removes allergens from your space. Steam catches and binds dust and other particles and mites, which you only need to vacuum or remove with a cloth after cleaning. Dry steam is also great for cleaning and removing dust and other particles from radiators and air condition units.

Dry steam can be used on all kinds of floors, glass surfaces (glass tables, shower booths, windows), kitchen elements and appliances, carpets, furniture, upholstery,…

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