Our Clients

Some of our former and present business partners who have recognized the quality of our service are:

Konzum, Zvijezda, Embassy of Japan, Kvarner Wiener, Bosh, Sandoz, N.K. Lokomotiva, NaMa Department Stores, Obiteljski radio, Offences Court in Zagreb, Takko fashion, Jysk, Kik textillien, Embassy of Slovakia, Embassy of Ukraine, Embassy of Spain, Australian Embassy, Lidl, Zvonimir security, Institut of International Relationships, Microsoft Croatia, Night club Best, Supersport booking, Srcana Cardiovascular clinic, Lisca, Institute for emergency medicine of Zagreb county.

If you’re interested in other companies that we work with feel free to contact us.

We believe that we will have an excellent business cooperation with your company that will benefit everyone.

Our service is available in every city in Croatia!