Carpet Cleaning Advice

Almost all of us own at least one carpet in our home. No matter what kid of it, some times it will require cleaning. These cleaning tips will help you keep it clean and fresh, but for a more serious type of cleaning please contact us to do it professionally.

Carpets should be vacuumed at least once a week, but if they are heavily used (like in crowded areas or common areas) then they should be vacuumed more often. Often vacuuming extends the carpets life span and prevents the buildup of particles that can damage it’s fibers. If you have big carpet take your time and divide it into cleaning zones. Go trough each zone thoroughly and the entire carpet will look good again. This is very important for high flora carpets that can get dirt deep and need more attention when cleaning.


Pay special attention to the part where you and your guests sit and walk. This is the most used part of the carpet and this part will have more dirt and particles that need to be vacuumed. If your carpet smells weird you can drop some baking soda over it and then vacuum it or even add some drops of essential oils.

One important thing to look after is also your vacuum cleaner. Clean it regularly, take out and clean the filter and don’t forget to change the bags in it often.